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Let our journey together begin - Coastal Livelihoods Foundation NPC

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Watch the video above where the fishermen talk about the safety system on national TV. This new clip was aired on the Afrikaans News on SABC but in the video it is in English.


What It's All About

Our objective is to equip every small scale fishing village with a safety system that safe lives and to create a sustainable network of enterprising communities.

We will succeed in our objective because the safety system is the key uniting factor which unites the community and the foundation in a shared goal and a shared vision. We are bound together in our efforts to reduce the loss of life of our artisanal fishermen and to create a space in which the fishing communities can thrive.

The shared goal of preserving life provides a platform for positive change in which the community have a common cause to stand for and the opportunity to take responsibility for their own destiny instead of relying on the government or any other party. We are in the fortunate position to be a part of this amazing journey and to be actively involved in the communities. We have witnessed this change in Port Nolloth and we have experienced this change in Hondeklip Bay.

There are no real words to describe this amazing transformation of lasting positive change that happen in a community when technology empower the fishermen and they take responsibility for their own safety. You can only experience it.

You can also be a part of this journey by partnering with us. If you have special skills that you would like to share, please contact us. Your donations enable and empower us to continue this journey.

Let our journey together begin!

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